Security Policy

  1. Contributing and disseminating of prohibited information and negative materials contrary to the country's policies are prohibited.
  2. Spreading of information with political overtones, seditious or racist or whichever that affects the Ministry and Public Services reputation is prohibited.
  3. Visitors wanting to use facilities such as forum are required to register for security measures in order to avoid any undesirable incident.
  4. Visitors must ensure files attached are free of viruses.
  5. Visitors are fully responsible for their keyed-in information.
  6. All information to be uploaded to the ePerolehan website must have the approval of Division/Department Head.
  7. Agencies or companies websites that required a link to the ePerolehan website or otherwise must have the approval of Division/Department Head.
  8. Breaking or hacking attempt into the ePerolehan website is prohibited.
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